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What You Need to Know About Threading

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Have you wanted a facelift but are too scared to commit to one fully? A thread lift might be your answer! A thread lift is like a facelift, but instead of removing loose facial skin, the skin is lifted with dissolvable threads. Sutures are placed under the skin to cause instant skin lift. This procedure also stimulates the development of your own collagen leading to more elastic-looking skin. 

Here are three reasons threading is better than a facelift:


1. The results are IMMEDIATE

You will notice your skin will look tighter and firmer right after the procedure. Threading has minimal recovery time, so you will look and feel better right after the procedure! It takes about two weeks for collagen production to start. A traditional facelift is a surgical procedure that includes a significant amount of downtime. 

2. Naturally increases collagen production

Collagen makes your skin look fuller and plumper. As we age, we lose collagen; thus, this procedure naturally gives you plumper skin! Your skin will treat the threads like an injury and will produce more collagen around the threads.

3. Cost effective

Due to the nature of the procedure and the fact that it is not as long-lasting as a facelift, threading tends to cost less than a facelift. 

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What part of your face can you get threading?

You can get threads in your forehead, jowls, under-eye area, and eyebrows for an instant lift. You will notice the full effect of threading for about a year, but it lasts longer than that. From a study, people reported still seeing the results from threading three years after the procedure. 

Threading is the only non-surgical rejuvenating procedure that uses advanced micro-suspension technology to offer immediate and lasting results. We are now offering threading at our office; book a consultation today!