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Founded in 2003, Melamed Weight & Wellness is a medical spa that offers cutting-edge medical weight loss services and non-surgical body and facial treatments. Some of our services include diets, dietary medications, functional testing, coolsculpting, microneedling, dermaplaning, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, IV & IM vitamins, botox, fillers and bioidentical hormone supplementation. To view a full list of our services, click the button below.

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Body Shaping

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Meet CoolSculpting Elite, your nonsurgical, fat-freezing solution to stubborn body and facial fat. CoolSculpting Elite technology delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target fat cells underneath the skin. The controlled cooling freezes and kills the fat cells, leaving a more sculpted you. It’s the only FDA-cleared procedure that uses controlled cooling to target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat—all without surgery or downtime.

A young woman receiving Coolsculpting therapy at Melamed Weight and Wellness, a medical spa in Deerfiled, IL
Young woman receiving microneedling therapy at a medical spa

Semaglutide Compounded

Semaglutide shows promise for weight management, blood sugar control, and potentially heart health. It has been shown to be effective in promoting weight loss, particularly when combined with diet and exercise. Originally developed for type 2 diabetes, semaglutide helps regulate blood sugar levels, making it beneficial for diabetic patients. 

What Our Patients Are Saying

{Michael Flynn with Melamed Weight and Wellness saved my life. I have tried every diet possible but it wasn't until I met Michael Flynn, a Lipidologist and Nutritional Specialist, that my life changed. So far, I've lost 65 pounds and counting. Michael has gotten me off my medications including Coumadin. My new Doctor has marveled at the progress I've made and continue to make. I have my life back and feel fabulous because of Michael Flynn.
{Dr. Melamed, and Michael Flynn have been truly outstanding. I started seeing Michael about 3 months ago and in that time I have had a complete healthy transformation which I really did not think could be possible. The benefits I have achieved by following a very easy nutritional plan was amazing. I have worked out my entire life excessively and have never achieved the results like I have in the last few months. Great staff and one of the best life changing decisions I have ever made.
{If you have visited your primary care doctor for things like feeling sluggish and not being able to lose weight, even though you are mindful of your diet and exercise, and have left the appointment frustrated with no new information in-hand, consider a consultation to discuss your concerns with Dr. Melamed. For the first time, a doctor took the time to listen and see the full picture. Dr. Melamed’s approach is informative, supportive and solution-driven and helped me understand the connection between energy levels and diet and more. Whether you need a jump start to get back on track to feeling like yourself or a better understanding of how your current diet and routine might be sabotaging your efforts, Dr. Melamed is genuinely working with you to get you where you want to be.
{This place is top notch!! I worked with Jan and before anything she sat down, we had a whole conversation explaining everything and asking me about my concerns. She definitely took her time & wasn't in a rush. Very professional great and experienced. The place is very clean and the medical atmosphere in which these things should be done in. Don't go anywhere else. I will definitely be back for more.
{If you’re in the area, don’t bother with other clinics. Dr. Julia Melamed is absolutely amazing. It’s taken me years to find a doctor who would understand my face, needs, etc. Dr. Melamed provided that understanding. Her professionalism, down-to-earth personality, and integrity are unmatched. Also- the clinic itself is unparalleled in service, hospitality, and range of services. Highly recommend.
A medical weight loss clinic you can trust.
Headshot of Doctor Melamed, owner of Melamed Weight & Wellness, a medical spa in Deerfield, IL

Dr. Julia Melamed

Melamed Weight and Wellness Founder

Doctor Julia Melamed has been in Private Medical Practice on the North Shore for over 20 years. She is a Master Injector of Fillers and Botox, and a Double Board Certified Physician in Internal and Metabolic Medicine. She is on staff at Northshore University Hospital system, and is a member of multiple American and International medical societies such as Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS),  IMCAS, and holds an honorary Fellow position with OMA ( Obesity Medical Association). Her special interests along with Medical Weight lossand Non-invasive Body Contouring include minimally invasive techniques of Facial contouring and Rejuvenation using Threads, Fillers and Neuromodulators (e.g., Botox) and skin tightening and stimulation ( radiofrequency microneedling, dermostimulators, medical lasers).