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Sustainable Weight Loss Options

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Finding sustainable weight loss is something that most of us will struggle with at some point in our lives. With the hundreds of diets available to us at our fingertips, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and want to give up on our goals altogether, but sustainable weight loss does not need to be that complicated.

Everyone’s body is different, and every diet out there is curated to help a specific body type achieve a particular goal. What works for your close friend or even your sister may not work for you. Successful and sustainable weight loss will come from sustainable lifestyle changes. So let’s talk about finding a diet that will help you achieve your own weight loss goal. 

Weight LossThe Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic Diet, often abbreviated as the “keto” diet, suggests a larger intake of foods that are high in fat (think bacon), and low intake in foods that are high in carbohydrates (think bread).
Naturally, our bodies rely on glucose (sugar and carbohydrates) to create fuel. By severely limiting your carb intake, the keto diet eventually forces your body into a state of ketosis; during ketosis, your body will no longer rely on glucose to produce fuel. Instead, your body will begin to burn fat and convert that fat into energy.

For someone in good health, their body will enter a state of ketosis within a few days of starting the keto diet (you won’t be seeing instant weight loss) but generally, over time, those who have stuck to the diet will begin to notice a decrease in weight. If you’re a fan of a good charcuterie board, you’ll be happy to know that most meats, cheeses, and nuts are keto diet-friendly. However, to have successful weight loss while still enjoying these foods, the Keto diet calls for a maximum of 50 grams of carbs a day (that’s about two apples).

In terms of refreshments, water, water, and more water! Although you should try to stay clear of alcohol altogether when you’re on the keto diet, if you choose to have a drink, choose a low carb option (vodka and tequila will suffice) and a low carb mixer.

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The Balanced Deficit Diet

This diet’s idea isn’t very complicated; if you eat fewer calories than needed to sustain your current weight, you will experience weight loss. Many people jump to the conclusion that the only way to ensure that you are in a calorie deficit is to deprive yourself of food; however, that would not be a sustainable change and a very unhealthy one.

Our bodies rely on our daily calorie intake to produce energy; rather than severely limiting that intake and harming our bodies, it’s best to try and lower it by swapping high-calorie foods for lower-calorie options. The goal here is to take care of your body by feeding it nutritional foods, not to deprive your body of what it needs. 

To determine how many calories you would need to take in daily to experience weight loss, you first would need to determine how many calories you are burning a day. That number varies for everyone and is based on factors such as an individual’s height, weight, age, gender, and daily physical activity levels. From there, there are several ways to ensure you are meeting your daily calorie intake while remaining in a calorie deficit. 

  1. Read the label; food packaging can be deceiving. A bag of chips may say in bold numbers “120 calories,” but take a closer look, that bag could contain three servings, which means you are consuming 360 calories.
  2. Kick those empty calories to the curb. For example, processed foods tend to be higher in carbs and calories but low in nutrition. Although these foods may temporarily fill you up, the lack of nutrition from these foods will eventually cause you to be more hungry. Try swapping these foods for lower-calorie options that will keep you more full, such as fish and lean meats, vegetables, and more.
  3. If you are genuinely following a balanced deficit diet, you will experience weight loss. Remember, this isn’t about depriving your body of calories; it’s about making choices that will provide your body with the best nutrients.

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Need Some Help on Your Weight Loss Journey?

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