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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Health

by | Healthy Living, Mayo Clinc

Have questions about the coronavirus pandemic and health? The coronavirus pandemic has caused a mix of emotions, but one thing we all have in common is that the uncertainty of this virus is crippling. There has been a lot of talk that the healthier you are, the less likely you are to get coronavirus.

While it is hard to gauge precisely how healthy an individual you might be, people with obesity, lack of exercise, lack of vitamin D, and other essential vitamins are at a higher risk. People who fall into these categories are not only at a higher risk of getting sick but having complications and adverse outcomes with Covid-19 infection. It is a grim reminder that infections are out to get us, and our best defense is our immunity. 

Coronavirus pandemic and health: what are the top nine most important things you can do right now to get a stronger immune system?

  1. Eat fresh, eat often, don’t overeat, and avoid unhealthy foods. Excessive carbs and artificial food components tend to make you feel “sluggish.”
  2. Make sure you are exercising. Movement is paramount in maintaining your immunity.
  3. Do not forget to clean! And I don’t mean hand sanitizer only. Clean your house – are you breathing dusty air? Dust mites will cause allergies and make your lungs more susceptible to viral infections.
  4. Possibly the most important of these steps, take your vitamins, especially vitamin D, C, and B group vitamins. These are incredibly important for all immunity reactions! We recommend Metagenics vitamins because they are natural and incredibly effective.
  5. Do not forget probiotics – good probiotics in your gut are essential for aiding immunity.
  6. Make sure you are sleeping enough.
  7. As hard as it may seem, control your feelings. Depression decreases immunity. Talk to people you love, make plans for when “this is all over,” don’t let yourself fall into despair.
  8. Go outside and breathe some fresh air and get it whenever possible. Experts have said if you can do something outdoors rather than indoors, do it outdoors. 
  9. Quit or decrease smoking. Your lungs should inhale air; everything else can be irritating and make your lung tissues more likely to get infected.