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All You Need to Know About Microneedling Benefits

by | Oct 21, 2020 | News

Have unwelcome acne scars and wrinkles been holding you back from showing off your beautiful skin? Then, microneedling benefits might be the perfect facial for you. 

How Microneedling Works 

Microneedling is a relatively simple procedure. Extremely fine needles will puncture the skin on the face to create micro-injuries. Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure. Before puncturing, the clinician will apply a topical anesthetic cream to the area, making any pain or discomfort very minimal. 

The magic of microneedling benefits will come after the procedure. While healing, the skin will begin to produce more collagen and elastin. The production of collagen and elastin will show in the microneedling before and after, to make the skin look smoother and firmer. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body; it serves several functions. One of which is to bind tissue in the body together, which provides structure to the skin. “Think of it as the Glue that holds our bodies together,” says  Whitney Bowe, New York Dermatologist and author of The Beauty of Dirty Skin. 

Source: Mayo Clinic

Results of Microneedling Benefits

As we age, our bodies will begin to produce less collagen. Studies have shown that at the age of 80 years old, the body will produce up to 75% less collagen than it did between the ages of 18-29. The appearance of wrinkles will increase, and it will be a struggle for our skin to heal wounds.

In a Multicenter clinical trial, 49 patients ranging from 39-63 years of age received Microneedling treatment weekly for three months. The results were incredible. One hundred percent of the patients saw improvement in their skin, while 65% saw drastic improvement. Below, you can see images of microneedling before and after.

Source: Mayo Clinic

Why Try Microneedling 

Microneedling is unique to other methods used by doctors to fix wrinkles, scarring, and much more because it is a non-surgical, minimally invasive, and virtually painless procedure. According to Kathleen Suozzi, Aestithics director for Yale medicine Dermatology, Patients have high satisfaction when they can improve the appearance of their skin and eliminate signs of aging. Microneedling is one tool we use to achieve results.” 

In addition to being practically painless, the microneedling treatment has proven to be successful in reducing wrinkles and scars on virtually every skin type. Furthermore, Microneedling poses less risk than nearly any other skin treatment. 

Microneedling Recovery 

After the microneedling treatment, you may experience some redness. The redness will typically go away within 48 hours. However, the healing process occurs underneath the skin during the following couple of months. You may experience some sensitivity after microneedling, but that should go away within 48 hours as well. 

What To Do After Microneedling 

After microneedling, you are free to go about your everyday life. Within the first 24 hours, you should do your best to avoid rigorous exercise or anything that would cause excessive sweating (a perfect excuse to skip leg day). You should also wear minimal makeup within the first 24 hours, and be sure to use a gentle face cleanser that night. 

The bottom line, the recovery should be a total breeze! But – if you want to see the best results, take care of your beautiful skin!! And, this is something you should always do, regardless.

What Would Make You a Good Candidate for Microneedling Benefits

Patients who experience any of the following should consider Microneedling. 

  • Wrinkles 
  • Acne Scars 
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Sun damage 
  • Age spots 
  • Enlarged pores 
  • Surgical Scars

There are hundreds of different skin treatment options available for you. Deciding which one is right for you can be incredibly overwhelming. At Melamed Weight and Wellness, we offer a variety of facials; however, if you’re looking for a quick fix to concur those pesky blemishes once and for all, you should consider microneedling – to see microneedling benefits for yourself.